Monday, March 19, 2012

Associate Director Doug Levin to Blog for National Geographic

Deep Sea Challenge

Associate Director Doug Levin will be bloggging for National Geographic's "Deep Sea Challenge." Explorer James Cameron will travel deep below the ocean, while Dr. Levin translates the information gathered for readers. From the National Geographic website: "We know less about the deepest points on our planet than we do about the surface of Mars. The DEEPSEA CHALLENGE team is dedicated to advancing the world’s understanding of our ocean’s vast range of biological and geological phenomena. The historic expedition to the Mariana Trench’s lowest point, the Challenger Deep, which lies 6.83 miles (10.99 kilometers) below the ocean surface, is the first extensive scientific exploration in a manned submersible of the deepest spot on Earth. Piloting the DEEPSEA CHALLENGER, which is outfitted for scientific exploration, James Cameron will conduct tests, collect samples, and document the experience in the high-resolution 3-D for which he’s known globally."

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